Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunset Reflections

What an evening it was! All stopped for Brian and I as the sun started to set. This glorious setting below began to unfold. It was the entertainment for the night!

I have entered this photo in the Weather Channel's Photo Contest. I would certainly appreciate your votes!! Here is the link to vote: (just copy and paste).
Unfortunately, I don't think this link works via a phone (though worth trying if that is your only option) and you need to have a Facebook account to vote. Thank you for your support!! Voting is possible through August 14th 2015.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shades of the Past

I've loved architecture for a long time now, so I enjoy combining it with photography. Sometimes I then do additional editing or manipulation of the photo. This is a shot I took of an old theater in the historic downtown of Fort Myers. A retro look 'they' wisely decided to keep! This building is no longer a theater but they kept the marquee, thankfully. The theater was originally named after Thomas Edison who had his winter home here. I did 'edit' a bit - the graphic on the building I did and then digitally added it to the photo. :)

This post, with a little more information, I also posted on Tsu. I find this social network to be a great place for me to show some travel photos, shots around my garden, posted recipes; and I've have learned gardening tips, enjoyed banter with others and been inspired in my photography. If you are interested in joining the community, you need an invitation. Here is mine: 
This link can be used to take you to the page to join and is the "referrer short code." Please feel free to ask any questions by commenting. 

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Coming of Age

The process is beautiful. Nothing good and beautiful happens in an instance. We are happy to watch the flower unfold. So too, we are in process, enjoy the unveiling and adventure of it all!

Sorry to have been absent for so long. I have been in process! :) I have found a great avenue of expression and interaction on Tsu. It's a wonderful community and I find there an inspiring interchange among original content creators - writers, photographers, artists, and gardeners to name a few.  There are other area of interest on Tsu,  as well, but that's what I gravitate towards. (The above is an example of one of my post on Tsu.) I don't know if that kind of connection with others sounds appealing to anyone. If it does, you need an invitation to join. Here is my invitation code for you to use. 

I will continue to post here periodically, although I hope to see you there, too!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Still Drinking!

I've been quiet lately but I'm still drinking! I love my espresso without a doubt (not a brewed coffee lover). I will write more again about alligator sightings in our backyard lake and the community search, for example. But for today some insightful (?) words for us coffee drinkers of all types. :-) Which one are you?

     • Espresso: Instant gratification, a quick hit, "the most grown-up of all coffee options," cynicism, sarcasm, even an aggressive cool hunter. Disdains healthy lifestyles, is moody, and sets high standards, aiming for the leadership position with little time for gossip.
     • Black coffee: No-frills, minimalist, cool adult, prefers one-on-one contact, competitive, quiet and moody, although capable of occasional bouts of extroversion.
     • Latte: Watering down danger with milk and foam, prefers safety, wants to be liked, cutesy but conceivably stubborn inside, avoid direct confrontation and delegates the dirty work, a loyal family person, enjoys comfortable surroundings and gabbing with trusted friends. Sex is more snuggly than extreme.
     • Cappuccino: Optimistic extrovert who appreciates style and nice stuff, although not unduly acquisitive. Prefers to start things rather than see them through with all that dull detail work.
     • Instant coffee: No frills, straightforward, cheery but in no hurry to get things done, which might come across as shallow. Highs and lows come easily; not so adventurous in career or sex, but ponders both.
     • Decaf soymilk: More of an eco-worrier rather than an eco-warrior. For those who aren't allergic to cow's milk, the choice may indicate a faux fussiness with a touch of sincere narcissism.
     • Starbucks Frappuccino (and presumably other frothy whips): It's all about the foam and the froth. Trendchaser more than a trendsetter and, ouch, characterized as a flighty poseur with no sense of irony.
     • Non-coffee drinker: The authors reserve the unkindest cut of all for someone who rejects the black brew as being frightened of life and a child (an insult followed by a perhaps conciliatory section on "What Your Tea Says About You").
I fall into the Latte category. As good as my coffee grinder is I still prefer my coffee with milk, not a lot but some. As far as the description goes, I guess I agree for the most part! Did you agree with yours?!
It's good to say hello again as I have my cup in hand. As I've mentioned before if the writing declines for a bit, it is because I'm processing. More to come. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I got this analysis from an article by Vera H-C Chan on Yahoo. You can go to the article here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Happens in Vegas...

...stays in Vegas. Is that true?
Well, yes and no! If a wedding ring suddenly is being worn after the trip, people are bound to have some clue about what happened!! :-)

Yes, Brian and I recently returned from the destination wedding of our daughter! Of course it was a wonderful time and a beautiful wedding. She did excellent planning and it all seemed to go off without a hitch. She only got nervous those last few minutes before walking down the aisle. During the ceremony, the smallest of "missteps" was when Brian's cell phone went off! Oops! To give him a break, he was out of the room with the Bride when we were all reminded to turn phones off.
On a side, personal note, I wondered about the potential awkwardness with Brian's ex-in-laws attending. Of course they would be there, that's a given. But this would be the first time I'd have any significant interaction with them. I had no reason to be concerned. I didn't feel any tension; they were easy to talk to and all seemed fine. I think everyone appreciated that (me, not the least of them!).

I had never been to Vegas before. We arrived 5 days prior to the wedding and stayed 2 days after. Wow! I'm glad we got there early, not only so we could spend a couple of days hanging out with the bridal couple,
but also to get over culture shock! I was not ignorant of the stereotypes of Vegas. Some were well deserved, others not so much. For me, two things stood out and required some adjusting. The sheer number of people was the first! Our trip did occur during spring break season so that accounts for a significant population increase. The great number of options to do, so many buildings and their expansive interiors helped. Because of this, I only felt like a cow being herded when on the streets or exterior walkways. At the end of the day, after so much walking, I felt my irritation rise when someone would just stop in the middle of the sidewalk to check a text or something. With that many people moving en masse it's hard to avoid a crash! More than likely, I was also on the way to my hotel and didn't want my way impeded!! 
Secondly, the Disneyland feel on an even larger scale was surprising - very cool! Each hotel/casino had a different theme and architecture which was modeled after various international destinations. I have to say I was impressed with the money and attention to detail each one put into their buildings.

As a former architect I expected to feel like it was cheesy or just too fakey, but the opposite was true. Maybe I just miss Europe so the reminders were fun, although I liked New York, New York as well.

Anyway, the trip was fun albeit exhausting! I'm glad to have had the experience of Las Vegas and of course I wouldn't have missed the wedding for anything!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

Why you ask? I asked. But I guess we'll never know. He, the turtle, (nearly) flatly refused to give an interview! At any rate, he didn't talk! As the evidence has confirmed, it's not the smartest activity for a turtle. Nevertheless, I do see this from time to time. Today was the first time in our community that I saw one making it's way toward the middle of a crosswalk. And he wasn't small! His shell was probably 14 inches from side to side.

During the winter and spring, Brian and I walk a 1.75 mile loop within our neighborhood, probably 5 or 6 times a week. We see all manner of birds, although this time included our first turtle rescue. When Brian went to pick him up, he tried to dig in his "heels" or claws but that was difficult to do on the asphalt, so Brian won! Once brought to the side of the road, he headed for the grass. I trust at some point he made it into one of the nearby lakes. You know turtles; I wasn't going to wait around to see. Our lakes are small, and the community has 5 of them. So we've seen turtles swimming, fish jumping and osprey flying off after diving with a fish in its talons. Rather cool!

On this particular circuit through the neighborhood, we also saw a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, and a couple of Anhinga. Plus, there were many other smaller birds, in the trees, singing their hearts out! A wonderful way to start the day - after a cup of coffee, of course!!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Search for a Community

There are all kinds of community. A person might even be a part of a number of communities at one time. This particular activity of searching for a church community has never been my favorite. I'm not a good "shopper" in this regard. It takes so much time, but some group gatherings fit better than others so the effort can be worth it.
We've tried four different groups, two more extensively. We have decided on the church we went to first. I was going to write "we have settled on..." but I want to write about this process in a more positive light! Going back to church has not been high on my priority list. I've been rather disappointed by the last two communities I've gone to. One of those churches I attended for three and a half years. That length of time and other factors made my disappointment quite profound.
Nevertheless, intellectually I have always been convinced of the need and potential blessing of community life. But my emotional response has been clouded by the hurt and subsequent disillusionment which occurred within the confines of this structure. People are people, which includes the possibility of hurt. The blessing and disappointment comes from the same source.
I love God and that has never changed. I also realize the church will never change. The potential for good and bad will always be there.
Today I shall…
…try to remember to be considerate of anyone who has any time been of help to me, even though his later actions might have been hostile.
-Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski
“Growing Each Day, Adar 10"
"Then I encountered Rabbi Twerski’s commentary for yesterday and it occurred to me that many of us have been 'throwing stones in the well from which we drank.'"
(The above quote and comment came from a blog I read - Morning Meditations. This particular post is "Throwing Stones.")

I had to realize I'd been throwing stones as well. A lot of good in me came out of attending the church or churches I once did. This is what I need to focus on regarding the past and the future. It's still a struggle as I head off to church each week but it's easier than it once was. Plus, as mentioned, I am convinced of the need for community life for everyone, including me! We need people in our lives because we are made for relationship. I know that life is not full when I delve into my isolationist tendencies. I choose to move forward rather than retreat.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yoga Tuesdays

Today was a good day despite the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable positions I contorted myself into for yoga. It had been 3 weeks since I attended a session. I was eager to go again but wondered how my body would feel about it tomorrow! Time will tell. :-/ It was difficult today for me but that is all forgotten in the growing twilight and the approaching dawn. (See Next Chapter for reference.)

It was good to chat with the person I carpool with; and when I arrived, there were a couple of other ladies who greeted me and welcomed me back! It put a smile on my face. :-) I'm beginning to be known. No dates were set up for coffee, not even close to that kind of connection, but it's a start.

As we began the session lying on our mats, I had a hard time focusing on my breathing -- "being in the present moment because it is the only moment." Nevertheless, I was very content!